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VirtuBox is a SaaS platform for Busineeses to build their own White Labeled Apps for both iOS and Android platforms with just a few clicks. The same apps could be run on Kiosks which could be installed in multiple locations of an establishment like say Malls, Exhibitions, Galleries etc to showcase the products on display. With this platform, one can control and manage the Apps remotely for multiple locations.

For any business, having their own Apps for branding, distribution and selling is a quite big challenge, specially when their main business is building and selling physical products. Building the apps for both iOS and Android platforms, continuously updating and upgrading them is a costly affair for such businesses. With VirtuBox's platform, a white labelled app can be built with just a few clicks just by uploading the product details in an excel file. The platform parses the excel files and creates beautiful White Labelled Apps which get automatically deployed on Android and Apple playstores.


Virtubox's Technology platform is based on Laravel and is deployed on AWS.

VirtuBox founders had the vision of building VirtuBox platform such that with very little intervention, one should be able to build a White labeled Apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Their Apps should be able to provide latest information about the Product sold or manufactured by the Brand.

The challenge was automating the whole process right from Brand OnBoarding to deployment of Apps to playstore. GoRapid Team helped VirtuBox founders build their platform to automate this whole process.

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